Scorecards    Factory

Things we really want: We want our workers to be taken care of medically 

We want our workers to be payed what their deserved

We need our workers to have proper equipment

What we want:

To have enough merchandise produced for profit

Veichles to ship merchandise

Fresh materials for merchandise

What we don’t want:

Poor quality for final products

Underpaid workers

Damage of machines

What we really don’t want:

Child labour

Our workers not to have healthcare

Our workers to be unprepared

Scorecards- Highland Clearances

What we really want:

Highlanders to stay or maybe be relocated but still in the highlands

We need to do more agriculturally

All houses must be preserved

What we really don’t want:

We don’t any evictions

No buildings to be destroyed

Land to be just used agriculturally

What we want:

We want people to be satisfied with agricultural production

Highlanders to be satisfies with the new lifestyle

Highlander to be accommodated if they are unhappy

What we don’t want:

People to be unsatisfied with new living spaces

To not make profit off the land

Scorecards English Enclosure:

What we really want:

Everyone to be happy with how the land is distributed

Each person to have a sufficient amount of personal land

We still need fresh crops and food

What we want:

We want people to have even amounts of land

We want to have all land used efficiently




Mercantilism was a system used economically that was used by Europeans during the 16 hundreds. The ultimate goal of Mercantilism is to basically make the country or nation bigger by controlling imports. By controlling how much they import and in the end export more to make more money. All economists in Europe in the 16 hundreds were considered Mercantilists because it was the main economic practice back then. Mercantilism started mainly because most people thought it was the most sensible way to make more money. It’s the same concept of say owning a store and selling your products for more then you buy them. In other words Profit is close to the definition of Mercantilism. The main countries in Europe the introduced and used Mercantilism were Great Britain and France. Even though Mercantilism seemed like the perfect way to gain money there was an anti Mercantilist though that was created by two men named Adam Smith and David Hume. They debunked the theory of Mercantilism with certain flaws like if one country was excellent at producing one product and another country was not good a producing that product but was good at producing another, they should just trade for the two products. That was one of many theories created to try and take down Mercantilism.