Industrial Revolution Essay

The Industrial revolution was a huge point in human history for many reasons, the invention of engines, factory’s and machines. Humans no longer required to do many things manually. In the view of the Utilitarians it was very good in many ways and awful in many ways.

The Industrial revolution was the start of what we have today. But back in the day and in some places now there are many awful things that came from the Industrial revolution. Factory’s were huge when the Industrial revolution started and even though they were producing tons of merchandise, the workers in the factory’s could be treated better. Back to when factory’s first started many workers were unhappy because of several reasons such as how much they were getting paid and the fact they didn’t have healthcare. Most businesses today will get a healthcare plan for all employees but this doesn’t happen in all places. The worst thing was probably that factory’s were bringing in children to work in factory’s. This doesn’t happen today in 1st world countries such as Canada and the United States but it 3rd world areas such as Africa or India there is still child labour. In 3rd world areas there is also a lack of pay towards the workers child or not.

The Industrial Revolution was incredible if you look at the benefits it gave to society. It gave many people jobs that could support them and maybe a family. It also lead to some of the worlds most popular creations today. Using the Industrial Revolution by creating machines that can make life in society much more convenient is pleasing to the general public. With inventions such as the iPhone or Planes that people use frequently today is a result of the Industrial revolution.

In conclusion the ways of the Industrial revolution have stuck with society even today in good and bad ways. Child labour still exists in 3rd world countries and the underpaying of workers does as well but in countries like Canada the Industrial Revolution has benefitted us greatly.


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